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 I attended grad school orientation today.  It wasn't much, informal and all that.  Most people are public history majors, so I am kind of a minority, but that might be good.  I am also one of the oldest ones, which suprised me, because I was about in the middle in my undergrad classes.  The girls started school last week, and the getting up at five am killed my vacation.  The cool thing was that I had a whole week off, paid, worked one day, and now have my regular three days off.  The weird thing is that I was so busy running errands and chasing after the DVD of Convoy that Josh is obsessively searching for among other things we did, that I didn't have time to update or check emails all week!  Anyway, I have to check my email and I'm waiting for Rent a Center to come fix my computer, so gotta go.  My father-in-law sent me another anti-Obama forwarded message.  How do I get those to stop without blocking all his emails or without asking him not to sent them?  If I say something, he will get mad, cut off my credit, probably spread evil rumors about me through the family grapevine, and lecture me on the evils of liberal voting.  Oh, well.  First I really do like Obama.  Second, he is not McCain.  Third, he is not McCain. 

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Last night  we watched a movie, "Thank You for Smoking," about a tobacco lobbist.  Yeah, sure cigarrettes are bad, but so is greasy food, pop, coffee and a large range of sweets, not to meantion alchohol.  There are people in our society that want to eliminate all these things.  Let's think about this from an economic perspective.  If no one smoked, the tobacco farmers would be out of business, or would have to find something else to grow, which might be expensive to switch over to, and could possibly flood the market with the chosen alternative product, thus lowering prices for everyone.  An elimination of any product would result in less demand for shipping which would mean less jobs for truckers and related professions.  The factories that make cigarrettes, chips, candy, processed baked goods, etc, would close putting hundreds, if not millions, of people out of work.  Then there are the little people.  Sure gas stations and grocery stores would probably survive, maybe without cut backs, but there are a lot of stores that sell only these "evils."  It's hard enough to survive on minimum wage without having entire store chains shut down.  With so many people so much healthier, not as many people would need as much of those services, which affects not only doctors and hospitals, but also the insurance companies.  Sure those Anthem CEO's can live off of less than $4 million, but they won't.  They will lay off the $10/hour customer service reps, to cut costs instead.   What are we as a society, or especially as a community, going to do with so many people out of work?  Other industries will suffer if those people do not have the money to spend on less controversial items, which would mean more job loss and, well, we've all read about the Depression, you get the idea.  Let's just face it, our economy thrives on the stuff that kills us.  We never have to really worry about loosing the ability to buy the things that really keep us functioning.

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 I'm at work so bored out of my mind, LOL.  I have had good times this summer, but I am ready for school to start again.  

After watching Al Gore give a speech on global warming yesterday on tv, I decided to definity do the paper on Anti-Communism's link to polution related to our current lifestyle.  In my other class I want to do something about Hippies of course, but I haven't got that one completely worked out yet.  

Also looking forward to the election.  This one is going to be good.  Has Obama picked a runningmate yet?  I heard that he might choose Bayh, which would be cool, but I had also heard that he was considering several other people.  A lot of people thought that he should pick Hillary, but, as much as I like her I hate to say it, but a lot of Hoosier women despise her.  The only way Obama will win Indiana is to pick Bayh.  The last time this state turned blue was 1964.  It would be great to see it blue in my lifetime, atleast.

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 The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicise those you intend to read
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them.


Only twenty-one.  What is wrong with me?  A few of those I was going to read, but never got around to it, like The Bell Jar, which I took back to the library and got the Harry Potter books instead.  Some of these I didn't have to read in school because I skipped from freshman lit to advanced sophmore lit, which was the same as junior lit.  I need to catch up.
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 So, last night for work I bought a copy of the Indy Star:  

Only hundreds of people are dying each month in Iraq each month rather than the thousands, like last year.  Most of them are Iraqis.  The Sunnis and Shiites still hate each other.  Big suprise.  

People on a farm-turned-lake in Iowa rescued a dog from a tree by boat.  

People are using corn crops distroyed by flooding to argue against developing ethanol.  While that may be a viable argument, the reality is that by definition of fossil fuel, we are going to run out of oil, and we will have to find some other way to fuel our vehicles.  Until all this flooding, I thought that using corn was great, because we could always grow more.  If the farms are underwater, we cannot grow corn, but still have to drive to work.  Japan has a car on the market, recently sent to California in limited suppy, that runs on a mix of hydrogen and electricity.  Um, didn't we try using hydrogen to fuel airships and they exploded?  I assume that if people are driving these in the US, that engineers have worked out all the fire related hazzards in the past sixty years.  

Locally, a related issue has sparked a debate.  Plans have again been presented to improve the public transprotation system in Indianapolis and its suburbs.  The idea is to build a light rail biodeisel train system from downtown to Noblesville, with stops in Fishers and Carmel.  I think its a great idea.  Some people think it is too expensive, but did not complain when taxes were raised to build Lucas Oil Stadium, while others are opposed because it would cause polution.  Like five thousand cars standing still on I69 for forty minutes everyday doesn't?  One guy was quoted in the article saying, "We shouldn't have to supsidize people who chose to live far from work."  Oh, that comment pissed me off!  Chose to live far from work?  First, no one choses to live in Mars Hill.  We all just ended up here in this forgotten white trash mud pit because this was the best we could afford with our less than livable wages and our sucky credit.  Sure, it would be great to live close to work, but, even if I could get approve for a house up there, I would have to give up luxuries like electricity, heat, food, water, bed, clothes, etc to pay rent.  If we don't put in a good public transpostation system in this city, we need to move everything back to a central location.  After WWII, people bought houses in the suburbs and the inner cities decayed.  With crime and poverty in the city, and the "good consumers" relocating in the suburbs, businesses moved to the outer areas as well.  With transportation problems--which are not just the price of gas, but also the increased traffic that comes with increased population--we need to move back to the cities.  There is nothing wrong with living in places like Fishers, when I say move, I do not mean for someone to sell their home and rent an apartment in the inner city, that would make me as rudely assuming as the guy quoted above.  I mean the businesses that are moving or expanding should chose areas that are central to their customers and employees.  Just a few months ago, residence of Fishers were complaining (does it seem like that is all they do?) that they did not want all the new business developments in their town.  We down here in sludgeville, however, would like to have jobs that pay more than $7/hour and then places to shop without having to leave the city.  

The next issue, not local and therefore not as hotly debated, gay marriage.  I think I have posted my opinion on this before, so I will briefly recap my position.  I think that Conservatives are using "morals" as an excuse to protect big business from having to pay heath benefits to same-sex spouses.  I believe that the majority of gay couples want to marry for reasons of love and commitment, not finances.  After all, most straight couples I know have better financial situations by not getting married.  

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 Ok, here we go:

1.Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

These are the questions that </a></font></b></a>topsecret77 asked me:

1. If you were in charge of the universe, and could change any one thing about it, what would it be?
        Everyone on earth would be entitled to one "do-over" so we could go back and fix one big life altering mistake.
2. What celebrity did you have a crush on as a teenager?
     Wil Weaton.  I thought he was cute, I think I was the only one.
3. Is there anyone in your life that you've lost touch with and hope to find again?
      Not anymore.  I thought I wanted to contact people from my high school.  Then I got the chance, and found out that so much happened in the years that we weren't together, that niether side really wanted to reconnect.  in my case the good memories were better as memories than revisited reality.
4. What is the quality you admire most in other people?  
     Hard work.  Whether it is a job or housekeeping or taking care of loved-ones, getting up everyday for hours on end and doing what needs to be done, no matter how unpleasant, is admirable and so often unrewarded.
5. What is your preferred mode of transportation?
     My feet.  Walking is free, health and virtually hassle-free.  Unfortunately, many places I go are too far or too dangerous to do so.
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Batteries are wonderful.  My power has gone off six times in the past half hour, but I still have my laptop.  What is up with this city, though?  We can build a new sport facility every five years, but we don't have the money to fix the power grid or run a decent public transportation system?  

(now to the reason for the title) I have decided that I need to compile a list of the top ten, or twenty or hundred or whatever,  of the greatest rock songs ever.  Not just favorite songs, or songs that are popular right now and forgotten about later, but songs that really say it all and will forever and define what it trully means to rock.  We as human beings have a primal urge to classify items of such importance.

(Ok, power seems to be staying off for a while this time.)  

I think the greatest rock song of all time is "American Pie" by Don McClean (I think that is how his name is spelled).  It's just got everything.  It's part ballad, part upbeat, part real, part symbolic, and the attitude is timeless, dispite being about a specific event.  

"and there we were all in one place, a generation lost in space with no time left to start again..."

How great is that!  (power is back on.)  Sure, the generation isn't ours, but don't we all feel that way, like whatever we have done as teens is over and we can't fix our mistakes and we can't be that young again, we are what we are, and though, yes, we can change as individuals, we will always hold a place in time that is lost to us now.  

Another thing that needs to be decided, (power out again) is, and this one has been bugging me for a while now, who is more desirable on Scrubs, J.D. or Dr. Cox?  (power is back).  I think maybe I am maturing, because a few years ago, I would have never considered anyone that old.  Actually niether of them are that great, one is kinda pathetic and can't get through an entire episode without falling down, and the other one is a total woman-hating, actually people-hating, asshole.  But they are sooo funny!  So, in our world of electronic imagery addiction, a decision must be made.  

These are the important issues of our world today.  

Maybe tomorrow a little serious reality will sink in and I will have something actualy worthwhile to discuss.  

Maybe tomorrow the power will be fixed.

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 This is going to be a bad year for storms.  Three tornado watches in one week for central Indiana, and several areas with confirmed sightings.  Our Camp Attebury was also hit earlier this week, which is southeast of the city.  I was at work, about a mile or two from the heart of downtown Fishers, and never felt isolated, until the lights went out.  I have never been afraid of storms, not even when I was three and the sky turned green and my mom made me hide from it under the bed, this one freaked me out.  The building had a back-up genorator, so we were ok inside, but I went out the back to see if I could findout how far the outage covered.  I got shocked.  I don't think I actually got struck by lightening, I mean I probably would have a lot more damage and pain that what I get when I rub my feet on the carpet and touch metal, which is exactly what it felt like.  It startled me though.  I jumped, screamed and ran back inside.  It was probably hallarious.  This many bad storms that close together is kind of unusual for this area.  I fear that it will lead to worse things, like a hurricane in the south worse than Katrina.  I hope not.

So, we might as well be saying, "President Obama," because there is no way that McCain is going to win.  I have been reading The Best and the Brightest by David Hallberstam.  It is about all the mistakes made by the Kennedy administration involving Vietnam.  I was thinking of writing a paper about the change of presidency during war.  I have also considered writing about how anti-communism negatively affected the environment, including defoilation, nuclear waste, and attitudes such as encouraging mass consumption of new items such as bigger cars, fast food, and pre-packaged foods.  While reading about Kennedy, I realized that there are many similaries between him and Obama.  Many people thought Kennedy was too young and unexpirienced, and some had a problem with him being Catholic and Irish.  In fact, Joe Kennedy wanted his sons to be in politics because he never felt accepted in Boston society dispite having just as much money as his peers.  It kind of makes me worry about Obama.  This, however, is not the the sixties, and security measures are a lot tighter now, particially because of Kennedy.  I don't even want to think about this anymore.

On a happier note, we found a VHS tape (yes, those do still exist!) of Tiny Tunes Vacation, and right now Plucky Duck is headed to Happy World Land.  I miss good cartoons.  

("In summer, Dizzy sheds.  If Dizzy spins, Dizzy be naked")  

Good times.  

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I really wanted Hillary to win the nomination.  I have looked up to her since I was fifteen, and I really wanted her to be president.  I still support her, and I still think she should continue her campaign if she wants to, because her supporters in all states and qualifying territories should get to vote for her.  I worried that she would quit before the Indiana primary, and felt priviledged that I got to help her win here, even though it didn't make a lot of difference.  I think it is fair that people in the remaining states get the same opportunity.  Dispite all this, it is clear that Obama will win the nomination, and most likely be the next president, and I think it is time for us to regroup and rally behind him in support of the buttkicking he is about to give McCain.  

The girls get out of school on thursday, and I can't wait to actually spend a whole day off with them!!!!

A few weeks ago, I read a discussion link off the Comcast home page about a claim that politicians do not support the middle class.  The issue presented was a request for a definition, in a concrete income range form, of what constituted "middle class."  I will give my opinion next time, but I want to give everyone else a chance to answer first.  

Let's all pray for Senator Kennedy (in whatever form you believe.)   


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I'm awake, really!  Actually I'm here to stay awake because I'm at work.  I've been up since 7am friday.  I worked friday from 7:09 (cause I slept late and didn't get up until I was suposed to be there already) to 3:49pm (because people don't know what it means when I turn off the light over my register and kept getting in my line anyway until I finally had to leave and politely told a guy that my line was closed, and he walked away complaining.) at Kroger on friday.  Then I ran an errand, showered and changed clothes and went to Comcast where I worked from 6pm to 4am.  I came home, went back to Kroger to get bread, ate whatever meal that was I had, and went to work at Kroger from 7am to 4pm.  Then I made dinner, got gas and went to work at Comcast.  That is where I am now.  It sucks that I will be spending most of mother's day sleeping, but it is so great that I only have a few hours to go.  YAYYYYAAAYYY!!!!

Please disregard all parts of this message that make no sense.  Thank you.

Oh, and I read Critical by Robin Cook last week.  Now I am trying to read Prime Green:  Remembering the Sixties by Robert Stone, but it isn't as good as the acid book I read last month.

Did the letters get smaller, or are my eyes just doing that thing where they don't see right again?  Am I old?  NAW, not me, not yet, not ever.  Good night.

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